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Because we remember how important Customer Service is, we have created an efficient and effective way to contact us with your needs, questions, suggestions, compliments, and complaints.

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User X is flaming you in the forums and the Mods seem to be ignoring it.

Using the topic selector, choose, "There is a flame war starting in this forum". In the message box provided, please tell us the name of the forum, the users involved (including you) dates, and specific post, if applicable.
Note: Please do not copy and past large amounts of text in the message box, just enough to let me know where to look.

Every time you submit a photo it gets denied and now you are starting to wonder if we even care about you.

Using the topic selector, choose, "My profile photo keeps getting denied" and type in the details in the message box.

You enjoy your membership, but your budget is tight so you want to go back to a free membership. But PayPal keeps auto charging you every month.

Using the topic selector, choose, "I have a PayPal issue".
Additional Info: This is very important; please provide dates, the email your PolyMatchmaker account was created with, transaction numbers if you have them; any and all info that will help us find you in the PayPal system and fix your account status.