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Advertise With PMM, known as PMM, is proud to offer advertising space. Available space is located on the right side of all pages within PMM. Advertiser's ads will be viewable in rotational spots dependant on how many Advertisers PMM is showcasing on any given month.

Unlike most advertising space offered, we will showcase your banner ad in two segments:

First, as mentioned before, is in a rotating spot on the right side of all PMM pages, including the Login/Landing page. This means that even non-registered persons also have the ability to see your ad if it is cycled there. Each ad is displayed in a roughly sequential order. The system will cycle through all Advertisers giving everyone a chance to be displayed. does not guarantee any Advertiser will be displayed in a specific order or in a specific position.

Second, and quite unique to your advertising dollar, is an "Advertisers' Page". This page is completely dedicated to only paid advertisers and is again accessible to both members and non-members.

On this page you will have the ability to supply a 250-word synopsis about your site. This copy can include any relevant information you see fit to support your site as well and your support of Polyamory and the Polyamorous community.

Below are current statistics of PMM.
Note: we will not and do not segment gender or age demographics. This information is gathered via Google Analytics which catches only page hits. Due to our strict privacy policy, at no time will we divulge any information other than what is gathered from Google Analytics.

From January 1st 2011 December 31st 2011

  • 254,804 Visits
  • 2,511,194 Page Views
  • 9.86 Pages/Visit
  • 8:56m Ave Time on Site
  • 73.27% Returning Visitors

87.67% from USA

  • California
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Massachusetts

5.43% from Canada

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

2.74% from UK

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • North Ireland

0.51% from Australia

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Southern Australia

December 1st 2011 December 31st 2011

  • 19,918 Visits
  • 194,648 Page Views
  • 9.77 Pages/Visit
  • 8:40m Ave Time on Site
  • 72.16% Returning Visitors

November 1st 2011 November 30th 2011

  • 19,651 Visits
  • 185,805 Page/Views
  • 9.46 Pages/Visit
  • 8:12m Ave Time on Site
  • 72.10% Returning Visitors

Definition of an advertising month

Ad spaces are started on the 1st of every month and, if your ad dollars have expired, pulled down on the last day of the month no matter how many days there are within the month.

Special note regarding click throughs from PMM to an Advertisers site.

If a member chooses to click on your advertisement they will be sent to a unique page within PMM. This page is a "bridge" between our site and yours. For legal purposes and to protect ChronoViking Enterprises, known as CVE, the following statements will be listed on the bridge page along with your banner ad;

Thank you for clicking on this Advertiser's ad.

By clicking on this link you understand that;

  1. ChronoViking Enterprises, known as CVE, and their product, known as PMM, have no affiliation with this advertiser other than as an advertising partner.
  2. CVE/PMM has no control over any content, merchandise, and/or point of view that this advertiser shares on their own site.
  3. CVE/PMM is not responsible and is to be held harmless of any issue, liability, physical and/or mental harm, duress and/or failure of this advertiser to deliver and goods, services, and or content.

If you are interested in advertising on PMM, please use the "Contact Us" button on the left navigation bar. If you are accepted you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. A copy of the banner image you would like to use. The image should be roughly square, be in a JPG, GIF, PNG format, and no greater than 300 x 300 pixels.
  2. A link to your landing page. This can be your home page, a specific product page, or a crafted affiliate link.
  3. A 250-word introduction about your site.
  4. A valid PayPal account (We only accept funds via PayPal).

Upon acceptance and signing/returning our advertising contract we will provide a PayPal invoice/link.

Last note; CVE/PMM reserves the right to deny advertising space to any advertiser for any reason and is not responsible to define to the potential Advertiser any reasons for the denial. CVE/PMM reserves the right to cancel and/or revoke and/or block, including specific IP address, any advertiser with notice and for any reason. You agree and understand that CVE/PMM is not responsible to define to you any reasons for alterations, additions, removal and/or deletions of any "Content" and/or imagery within any of its products or services, nor is CVE responsible to define the reasons for a "Advertisers" deletion or blocked IP address. If CVE/PMM willfully removes an advertiser prior to the end of the advertising month, CVE/PMM will prorate advertising fees (unused days only) and supply them back to the Advertiser's Paypal account. If an Advertiser however chooses to withdraw their ad-space prior to the end of their ad-cycle, CVE/PMM will retain the advertising fees and no proration will be supplied back to the advertiser.